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Review of the first Little Wolf Parade by BACKLITS Rachel Fenwick….


Saturday was the most surreal night of my life. I left reality at the door of 8 Stoney Street and entered the dream, or perhaps nightmare, world of Little Wolf Parade; where anything went and the unthinkable was happening right before my eyes. Entering the unknown, we were blindfolded and told to have complete trust in our guide. Passed from person to person, and then handed a complimentary drink was our initiation into the space, but that was just the beginning of the night, a night that we were told at the door; was our own adventure.

Little Wolf Parade aimed to create a space where the boundaries of Art, Music and Sound blur. Greeted in the first room, with live music, intense performance acts and more to see upstairs and outside, the night was a whirlwind of exploration that certainly broke all those boundaries. Where usually a band would follow another, and perform to an audience who had come specially to see that act, Wolf Parade smashed those boundaries and placed performance artists amongst the line up of musicians along with, sculptural, photography and installation artwork.

In some respects perhaps there was a little too much going on. Some art work I felt got a little lost in the hustle bustle of the live acts. The photography particularly I felt got overlooked in the environment it was shown in. It was difficult to navigate yourself and your time to ensure you didn’t miss anything. I wanted to see it all but couldn’t possibly engage in everything, there was just so much going on, so much to immerse yourself in. The night really was your adventure; I really got the sense that it was my dream to steer the way I wanted.

Its Jullieann O’Malley’s performance; Salty Milk: Violation of Expectation, which has really imprinted into my mind. Crept into my subconscious and I think will stay there for life. The performance space upstairs had a wooden table in the middle, 400 shot glasses of milk surrounding it, a real pig head mounted onto shelves and the artist herself in bare feet, a vintage floral dress and attached to her stomach a clear mould made to look like her pregnant belly with the foetus in there visible to see. Throughout the performance Jullieann O’Malley kept a constant stare with audience. She moved slowly and uncomfortably around the milk, engaging the entire audience in her every move, disturbing me to an extent that I felt like she was looking at me personally and asking “why are you letting me undergo this torture?” As she slowly shot back the milk (which half way through I found out also had salt in) I just kept thinking to myself she can’t possibly drink all that milk! As the performance went on she was sick multiple times, the milk spilling out onto the floor in front of us. She held her stomach on several occasions forcing me to think of her unborn child which seemed to be the reason she was suffering. She engaged with the audience subjecting us to eat gingerbread and we watched her write multiple times the words I love you onto posted notes.

The most disturbing part for most was the moment which O’Malley sensuously massaged cream onto the pig head and continued to shave the pig, removing the cream into a glass, which to my disbelief she then drank! The audience made noises of disgust but yet no one stopped her. It’s this human behaviour in our role as the audience in this piece which really intrigued me. When the performance ended I questioned whether I had wanted her to have done something even more shocking; to have eaten the pig possibly? Why did I want this human being to suffer even more than she had? The performance provoked a lot of questioning amongst the crowd. A very feminist act, which made me consider how she portrayed the domestic role as mother and wife. I felt she captured the sense of a woman doing what she needed to do with no questions asked. A woman tied into loving someone. She forced the notion into my head that she was doing it for them! The man she loved and her unborn child. She would do anything for them.

by Rachel Fenwick – BACKLIT


Steve Fossey

Steve Fossey is an artist based in the East Midlands.

He holds a BA in Contemporary Arts and an MA in Performance and Live Art undertaken at Nottingham TrentUniversity. Upon completing the MA, Fossey worked in arts venues including the Nottingham Castle, Djanogly and Bonington Galleries whilst maintaining his own practice and teaching. This dialogue with other artists, curators and audiences helped inform an arts practice concerned with the dynamics of place and the construction of agency thereof. He is currently working on a practice led PhD researching the performative potentials of the everyday practices of place in re-imagining social space. This research is supported by Middlesex University, London as a fully funded research scholarship

The doctoral practice critiques site specificity, asking how aesthetic and conceptual forms can be devised by embodying places and exploring experience through subsequent dialogues with audiences. As well as funding from numerous educational institutions Fossey has also been commissioned by the Arts Council, the Future Factory and the BBC among others, showing work nationally and internationally in a range of disciplines from performance to installation and moving image.

He has taught across various further and higher education institutes, whilst recently delivering conference papers and performances nationally at the Oriel Mostyn Gallery in Wales, the Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London and the University of Hull among others. He has had work published in arts magazines and academic journals and continues to produce forms that destabilize the understandings and possibilities of the events of place.



Jenna Finch

Nick Tyler

Nick Tyler lives quietly, domestically in Nottingham but emerges at night to weave words with aggressive whimsy. He can be spotted bounding about on stage with   MissImp, Nottingham’s improvised comedy group collecting laughs for being clever, quick-witted and grotesque. Funny and funny looking? Yes. He can also be found as Captain Pigheart spinning violently comic pirate stories and other short weird fiction and poetry. Book nut, cat lover and moustache waxer.





Writing: http://captainpigheart.com @captainpigheart

Comedy: http://missimp.co.uk @missimp_notts

Final Line up and information

Lets explore the ugly, beautiful, the sublime…

Lick the glitter from your wounds baby

& Come join in the parade!

I’m Not From London events have teamed up with a group of artists and curators to develop “Little Wolf Parade”  – an experimental subversive art adventure in a reclaimed building in Nottingham.

We want to create a space where the boundaries of Art/Music/Sound & audience blur. Where radical, experimental, provocative, beautiful, ugly, sublime, political and humorous art can exist, explore and evolve…. a place for exploration, experimentation and questioning.

We are looking for art that straddles the areas of Live Art, Performance Art, immersive theatre, Aktion, Video, animation, Sculpture, Sound, Visual art, Set designers, “Other” surreal acts that brings that animalistic side in us all. There will be bands and D.J’s for the after gathering.

Tickets £5 advance (£6 on the door)






Led down the dark and mysterious path by
Pigheart from Miss imp comedy

Explore the depths of the belly of the beast

Featured Artists and music from the minds of …

Rebecca Clunn Cunningham Captain

(Australia) Live/Performance Art, 1:1

Trans/Human featuring YOTP

(Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle) Artists & Musicians / Noise/Aktion

Jullieann O’Malley

(Liverpool) Artist/Live / Performance Installation

Adam Rose

(Chicago) Artist/Butoh Dancer / Film
Dr Paul Hurley and Caleb Parkin

(Bristol) Artists/ Live / Performance Art / Poetry

Natalie Raven

(Leicester) Artist / Intimate, 1:1 /  live art performance

Sara Gaynor

(Nottingham) Photography

Emerald Ace

(Nottingham) Performance / Burlesque cross over

Julien Hughes and Matt Storer

East midlands – Sculpture / interactive

Adam Clarkson from Captain Dangerous solo act Red Bear

(Nottingham) Music / super8 Projection

Charly Chapin

(Nottingham fashion label Hand Clothing) Fashion/Performance / Sculpture cross over

James Rapley & Rhys Cannon

(Trent students) Artist / Live Painting & Illustration

Simon Raven

(Nottingham) Artist / Site Specific / Remote / Interactive

Kate Whyles

(Nottingham) Artist / Sculpture

Jenna Finch

(Nottingham) Artist / Performance / Music cross over

Yvonne Lake

Artist / Performance art

Tom Woodcock

Artist / Installation / interaction

Emma Lloyd

(Nottingham Trent) Artist / intervention / roaming

“I’m Not From London MixTape”

Steve Fossey

David Flint

Also featuring artists from all over Europe/USA and Asia!!!

Aggressive Ben

Misk Hills & The Spontaneous Skiffle Show

Stiff Kittens spinning some tunes

And some musical surprises!

feeling like you don’t fit in? See lovely & talented Laura Davis and she’ll paint you up and learn you to growl like a real wolf!

Plus much much more…..!!!!

Special Guests Olwen Davis featuring Lilly Wolf will be feeding the audience to the Wolves….

(East midlands Artists presenting collaboration where their polar opposites meet)

Rebecca C Cunningham

  1. We are very excited to announce that Australian artist & curator Rebecca C Cunningham will be staying with us during her international tour! She will be presenting some art at LWP!!!

    Flights booked (she has Australian Arts Council funding …

    & it’s a part of her PHD research)

    There will be workshops later in November/artist talk. But more detail about that later! Here’s a link about the international festival she puts on in Aussie land. Will post about her individual work shortly.

Emerald Ace

Hi everyone, I have been a burlesque performer for about three and a half years. In that time I have got quite used to having my picture taken and found that I quite enjoy it!

Emerald began performing burlesque in late 2005 and since then she has been using her eccentric take on the world to create some truly original burlesque acts that audiences adore.

Emerald focuses primarily on comedic acts or those that rely heavily on character, although she does have some performances in a more traditional style.

Emerald has many strings to her bow, branching out into modelling and also performing on request as a cabaret chanteuse.